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?   You are not as interesting as you think you are.

Finally figured out why I love Lay’s ketchup chips while others don’t. One has to eat enough to pass a threshold to enjoy the ketchup flavour. Because if one doesn’t, the sour from the ketchup flavour is too pronounced. Once one eats enough, one becomes adjusted to the sour, and the sweet from the ketchup flavour emerges. And that is the fucking jackpot! So eat enough of it, and you will love the flavour.

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Lemon ice cream spread on ketchup chips. Not a facking good idea. This ain’t cream cheese and bagel.

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Haagen-Dazs is the perfect ice cream because it strikes the perfect balance between fruit and cream flavours. 

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When melancholy washes over me, it is like a big tidal wave. It completely engulfs me and I try to swim back to the surface, to peek my head through the water. But I struggle to keep afloat, being pushed down and buoyed up over and over again and again. Eventually I swim ashore and I shake off the seawater that glistens on my skin. Difficulty to breath breeds gratefulness for air. For that realization, I am appreciative of being drowned, but only after the fact when I regain my ability to breath.

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Katy Perry can be so deep sometimes. It actually is not a big deal that that is how they do.

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I hate it when automatic toilets are so sensitive that I can’t stand up and lean forward too much or otherwise it would flush.

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